THINKCAR Thinktool Reader 7

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THINKTOOL Reader 7 is a 5 inch android system diagnostic tool produced by THINKCAR. Offers lifetime subscription for mechanics, repair shops and DIY.

This tool can communicate with the most common modules and comes with the ability to choose 7 maintenance reset functions of 28 available. The 7 chosen will then have lifetime update subscription.

90% car makes in the market have 7 systems, ABS,SRS,ECM,TCM,BCM,AC and IC. THINKTOOL Readers 7 is developed to be more cost effective and support all the 7 systems diagnostics.

THINKTOOL Reader 7 can have 7 of the available 28 maintenance reset functions with lifetime updates including Oil Reset, AFS (headlamp) Reset, Brake-pad Reset, Windows Calibration, Steering Angle Reset, Seat Calibration, Battery Matching, Tyre Reset, ABS Bleeding, Language Reset, Elec. Throttle Adaption, A/F Reset, Sunroof Initialization, DPF Regeneration, EGR Adaption, Immobilize Reset, Coolant Reset, Injector Reset, Transport Reset, Airbag Reset, ODO Reset, Gear Learning, Adblue Reset, SUS Reset, NOX Reset, A/T Learning, Stop/Start Reset, Basic TPMS Reset and etc.

Any 7 out of 28 reset lifetime free. Once these are chosen on first use they are locked in and can't be substituted later.